Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

Standing Tall

By Sarah Rains There’s a small space in Clemson’s Experimental…

Food Science, Nutrition, and Packaging Science – Together We’ll Go Far

Say you’re walking down the grocery store aisle and spot a…

Saving Clemson’s Mascot

There are only 3,200 wild tigers left in the world. The enormity…

Finding Flavor and Fighting Sickness in Food

Coffee and cancer aren't often mentioned in the same sentence,…

Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences


Stress in Space

Taking the Plunge

By Alyssa Glazener Would you be more motivated by a challenge…

Culinary Tourism: Food for Thought

By Jessica Heron Flashback to childhood and explore the events…

Pedaling Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

By Alyssa Glazener The seat is not very comfortable, but it feels…

From the films to the streets: Gangsters in America

By Whitney Rauenhorst Don Corleone of “The Godfather” said…


Creative Inquiry Program

Creative Play


Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

Bionic Arm

Paulo Figueiredo de Lima, freshman international exchange student, showing a prepared ink used to infiltrate the origami shapes.

Reinventing an Ancient Art

The ancient art of paper-folding, or origami, utilizes simple techniques to transform a two-dimensional piece of paper into a complex, intricate, three-dimensional structure. Though traditionally used for ornamental artwork, students in the Origami-Inspired Manufacturing of Composite Parts Creative Inquiry took a more functional approach with origami.
Human Powered Vehicle

Human Powered Vehicles

Each spring, ASME hosts a nationwide competition for engineering programs to develop a vehicle entirely powered by a human. While the thoughts of a human-powered vehicle may invoke images of a Fred Flintstone-esque rudimentary car for some, do not make this mistake. Over twenty members strong, this Creative Inquiry combines some of the best mechanical engineering students Clemson University has to offer to produce a cutting edge, innovative design capable of ranging from carrying groceries to endurance racing.

Apps R Us

Offering students the chance to develop apps for needs around Clemson’s campus, Dr. Roy Pargas, associate professor in the School of Computing, invites students to the Apps R Us Creative Inquiry team.

Can You See The Rain?

By Colby Lanham Rainfall, itself, seems like a simple concept,…


Bionic Arm


Out of This World

Have you ever wondered how the world was formed? How the earth, planets and the billions of stars that light up the night sky were molded? Dr. Sean Brittain, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, is head of the Creative Inquiry Characterization of Planet Formation and he and his team are working to answer these very questions. Brittain’s team is working together to collect information from already available resources and to create their own models to figure out how the earth and other planets were developed.
Plethodon salamander

Stress After Dark

There is a greater abundance of lungless salamanders, also known as Plethodon, than any other vertebrate group in the southeastern United States. Thus this group has a major impact on the ecosystem. Because salamanders are nocturnal, they are seldom seen, but these ecologically important creatures are being threatened due to stressors in their environments.

Go With Your Gut

The human gastrointestinal tract may not be a frequent topic of everyday conversation, but it sure is a conversation worth having as it is home to symbiotic bacteria that assist in digestion.

The Simple Genetics of Dog Breeding

By Chelsea Kozma What happens when you breed purebred dogs? Sometimes…

Fungus as a Fuel

By Noah Wisch and Colby Lanham When someone first thinks about…


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