Interview by Will Hines
March 15, 2014


Vivian Elizabeth Smith was born on July, 24, 1924 in Polk County, North Carolina. She served for 24 years in the U.S. Navy. She also served during the Korean War and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Her duties included serving as a nurse on a hospital ship.

About Vivian Elizabeth Smith

Lieutenant Commander Vivian Elizabeth Smith retired from the U.S. Navy in 1974 after 24 years of service. Initially, she went to college for Nursing in North Carolina before eventually deciding to join the Navy in 1950. From there, she went through Navy Training School in New York and was sent to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina for two years. Afterwards, she made her way to the west coast, boarded the USS Consolation (AH-15), and headed to Korea. After the Korean War, she went to Guam, Washington, D.C for four and a half years. She was also sent to Charleston on two separate occasions.

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