How low can you go?

Written by QCR

In our second meeting, on January 19th, we focused on depth interviews. This topic is one of the main subjects of our inquiry because these interviews are necessary to finding our data. Our references for discussion were Martin and Schouten’s 2014 article Consumption Driven Market Emergence and a few chapters in the Qualitative Consumer and Marketing Research book. The article exhibited some casual interviews that will be similar to what are team does at Lollapalooza, therefore it was very insightful for us to study and discuss their styles.

This meeting was essential for our purpose in Chicago. There were several tips provided to us by the Qualitative Consumer and Marketing Research book that will be very beneficial to our onsite research:

  • First you must appear naïve or ignorant so that you allow to informant to give you an in depth explanation.
  • Conformity of norms – this note is very interesting. Due to the different societal atmosphere at Lollapalooza, we, as researchers, cannot look at this as just any other festival, concert, or event. We must analyze it through the norms it has created.
  • Another point that is very important: don’t ask the question “why”. This question can cause the interviewee to become defense. You must go about it as: “Please tell me more about: xyz”.
    • Going along with this point: an interviewer should use the Funnel Approach. Meaning that they should start off with a very broad question and slowly get more focused in on the material that they are looking for.
  • Lastly, it is very important to probe your interviewee. This goes along with the Funnel Approach. Once you find an interesting point of the interview continue to get the interviewee to go down that path.

After this lesson in depth interviews, our team members conducted their first interviews. These were to be about a Clemson Game Day. We asked questions such as, “How did your connection with Clemson Football begin?” And, “Can you walk me through your day like it is a book? What are the chapters?” With the tips listed above it allowed for the interview to become more conversational. This was very rewarding and fun to know you were actually becoming an interviewer! With more practice and study of how other interviewers conduct there sessions, I am confident that our team will be skilled, competent, and resourceful depth interviewers!

Madison A., January 2017

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