QCR (Qualitative Consumer Research) is a Qualitative Research lab is supported by Clemson University Creative Inquiry. QCR was established in Spring 2015 and is led by Anastasia Thyroff, Assistant Professor of Marketing at ClemsonUniversity, and Robbie Fitzwater, Director of Content Strategy at Clemson University. Thirteen undergraduate students(6 current, 7 graduated) have worked in the QCR lab.

The QCR lab uses the pedagogical approach of experiential learning to get students trained, emerged, and championed in conducting consumer research. This is completed through seminar based discussions, training activities, context emersion, data collection, and iterative group writing. The ultimate goal of QCR is to produce both highly skilled qualitative researchers and high quality academic focused qualitative research.

Drawing from Professor Thyroff’s research interests in macromarketing, the past three years QCR has focused on market formation and management of chaotic markets (e.g., lollapalooza music festival). The focus of 2017 is on understanding how experiential marketing succeeds or fails during chaos. Special attention is being paid to the use social media and technology in the assemblage process.

Please follow us on our quest for knowledge! We will be updating our blog as our as we progress.