The Makerspace is starting off the Fall semester with lots of new equipments and trainings.

All students will be required to complete our new trainings available at before gaining access to the Makerspace. Even students who previously completed the FDM certification will be required to re-certify this semester.

You can also check out the hours of the space at

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  1. Rajiv Yadav

    Hi there, I wanted to get certified to be able to operate 3D printers.
    I filled up the Google form on this page. However didn’t recieve any confirmation email.
    Just wanted to confirm my reservation, schedule.
    26th Jan, 4.30pm at Watt Center #333?

  2. Alex bona

    Hey I need to pick up a finished part and no one is here at four to open. Any chance you could have a pick up part box at the front desk every morning (have an intern weigh the pieces to start eac morning)?

    1. Owen Phillips

      Alex, I’m afraid your comment was mixed into the spam folder!

      That’s definitely a possibility – and we’ll discuss it as we move forward.

  3. TJ

    I was curious if there is another way to set an appointment rather than showing up and hoping for the best? If an online option were present, I could reserve my time beforehand versus travelling to Watt and then being turned away. Asking because I’ve shown up two days in a row to find that they are occupied. The live stream helps but it does not indicate how many people are waiting for the room to open.

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