The Makerspace is starting off the Fall semester with lots of new equipments and trainings.

All students will be required to complete our new trainings available at before gaining access to the Makerspace. Even students who previously completed the FDM certification will be required to re-certify this semester.

You can also check out the hours of the space at

New Additions to the Makerspace!

The Makerspace is proud to announce that new changes are coming to our space! With a successful ITSAB proposal, the Makerspace will be exploring new equipment to add to its collection!

On the list of improvements are new FDM printers, more Lulzbot printers, a 3D scanner and a direct-to-garment printer. Email us if you are interested in learning more about our new equipment, or sign up for a FDM training session to get more involved with the Makerspace as we make these new changes!

Click here to watch your print on our Live YouTube stream.

-The Makerspace Staff