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Poster Title Co-Authors Mentors
2 2 Threats to Masculinity in K-12, College/University, and Mass Shootings
Hailey Carroll - Psychology
Catherine Chapman - Psychology
Hannah Chitty - Psychology
Andrew Cook - Psychology
Nick Deas - Computer Science
Kelly Evans - Psychology
Tanner Huyck - Health Science
Bella Parise - Philosophy
Emily Richardson - Psychology
Kaitlyn Rubley - Psychology
Chelsea Robbins - Industrial/Organ Psych
Robin Kowalski - Psychology
3 3 Dying a Slow Death: Patterns and Drivers of Tree Mortality Following Wildfire in the Southern Appalachians
Charles Baker - Forest Resource Management
Harrison Bedenbaugh - Forest Resource Management
Taylor Cabe - Forest Resource Management
Carson Colenbaugh - Horticulture
Conner Estes - Forest Resource Management
Jason Stango - Forest Resource Management
Brayden Williams - Forest Resource Management
Nate Wilson - Forest Resource Management
Clyde Zoubian - Environmental and Natural Resources
Donald Hagan - Forestry & Environment Conserv
4 4 Finding Your Voice Camp
Lauren Buchwalter - Nursing
Madelyn Corbin - Nursing
Anna Corn - Nursing
Julia Ellen - Psychology
Anna Preter - Nursing
Lily Rogers - Health Science
Evangeline Sanders - Psychology
Amelia Shealy - Nursing
Lora Smith - Nursing
Karly Strawhorne - Nursing
Alexsandra Dubin - PRTM Leisure Skills
Denise Anderson - Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
5 5 Patterns of Suicide Methods in Pickens County (1971-2009)
Keegan Beane - Anthropology
Alexa Geist - Chemistry
Lily Haeberle - Anthropology
Zade Haliq - Anthropology
Kaila Honaker - Genetics
Emalie Houk - Genetics
Kenneth Lindsey - Biochemistry
Kendall Moran - Anthropology
Kate Spence - Biological Sciences
Zoie White - Anthropology
Katherine Weisensee - Sociology and Anthropology
6 6 A Geophysical Analysis of the Relationship between Bedrock Depth and Vegetation Height
Tristan Murphy - Geology
Scott E Brame - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
7 7 Determination of Caffeine in Coffee and Soft Drinks by HPLC
Javin Goodine - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Peter Miller - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ashland Motley - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Riley Nichols - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Abby Farkas - Food, Nutr and Culin Sci
Benjamin Hewes - Food, Nutr and Culin Sci
Jack Huang - Food, Nutr and Culin Sci
Feng Chen - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
8 8 Biobehavioral Predictors of Risk-Taking during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Sophie Elizabeth Finnell - Psychology
Maddie Andrews - Psychology
Tevej Rhodes - Economics
Jose Rodriguez - Language and International Health
Kate Tolleson - Chemical Engineering
Anna Kadau - Biological Sciences
James A McCubbin - Psychology
9 9 Assessing Stress and Fatigue among Emergency Physicians over Multiple Shifts with Multiple Methods
Melissa McIntee - Psychology
Laura Scherck - Psychology
Caroline Barrows - Biochemistry
Kaustubha Reddy - Health Science
Sophie Elizabeth Finnell - Psychology
Delaney Wallace - Psychology
Alexxa Bessey - Industrial/Organ Psych
Thomas W. Britt Jr - Psychology
10 10 Quantifying Accuracy for Distance Estimation Tasks: A Monte Carlo Study
Elenah Rosopa - Psychology
Hannah Solini - Psychology
Christopher Pagano - Psychology
11 11 Genomic Editing and Mutation Repair Using Prime Editors
Will Betsill - Biochemistry
Angeline Chen - Bioengineering
Renee Cottle - Bioengineering
12 12 The Scavenging Community of Eastern North America
Keller Brogdon - Biological Sciences
Aubrie Hartley - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Patrick Shaw - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Kelsi Sullivan - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Jana Viktoria Uy - Environmental and Natural Resources
David Jachowski - Forestry & Environment Conserv
Stephen Harris - Forestry & Environment Conserv
Courtney Marneweck - Forestry & Environment Conserv
13 13 Hydraulic Mechanism of Antenna Manipulation in Insects
Andrew Derasmo - Bioengineering
Lauren Hogan - Materials Science and Engineering
Connor Logan - Materials Science and Engineering
Brook Schmid - Bioengineering
Ahva Zadeh - Bioengineering
Konstantin Kornev - Materials Science&Engineering
14 14 Clemson University's Industrial Assessment Center and Energy Infrastructure
Julia Feresin - Chemistry
Simon Restrepo - Mechanical Engineering
Ishan Doshi - Mechanical Engineering
Yongjia Song - Industrial Engineering
Phillip Litherland - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
David Ladner - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Michael Dale - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Elizabeth R. Carraway - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
15 15 Clinician Well-Being and COVID-19
Ashley Doran - Nursing
Emily Craven - Nursing
Marissa Haller - Nursing
Grace Kinnear - Nursing
Patrick Macalintal - Nursing
Amanda Watson - Nursing
Janice Lanham - School of Nursing
16 16 Effects of Bright Light Exposure and Sleep Deprivation on Healthy College Students
Samantha Galloway - Psychology
Logan Dorsey - Economics
June Pilcher - Psychology
17 17 Science Docs: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Science Communication
Kelly Lazar - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Erica Black - Graphic Communications
18 18 Developing Peer Initiatives to Combat COVID-19 in Downtown Clemson
Megan Sajer - Biological Sciences
Sid Simpson - Language and International Health
Kayla Hood - Counselor Education
Martha Thompson - Public Health Sciences
Chloe Greene - Student Health Center
Jennifer Goree - Student Health Center
19 19 The Mary Bruce Project: Shining a Light on Hidden Contributions to Science, Medicine, and Healthcare
Aimey Jimm - Biological Sciences
Samah Malik - Biochemistry
Emma Chapman - Biological Sciences
Lauren Earhart - Health Science
Hunter Gentry - Genetics
Caitlin C Hall - Biological Sciences
Nava Poudyal - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Kimberly Paul - Genetics and Biochemistry
20 20 A Makerspace for Everyone
Jacob Morris - General Engineering
Emily Petty - Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Rutolo - General Engineering
Harrison Lambert - Mechanical Engineering
Todd Schweisinger - Mechanical Engineering
21 21 Understanding the Role of Tyrosine Hydroxylase in a 6-Hydroxydopamine Zebrafish Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Emme Bagwell - Biological Sciences
Min Shin - Bioengineering
Jessica Larsen - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
22 22 Mitochondrial Analysis to Identify Evolutionary Relationships in Lucinid Clams
Erin Walker - Microbiology
Olivia Roach - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Barbara Campbell - Biological Sciences
23 23 Urban Fungus Among Us; Snake Fungal Disease In Kingsnakes Across Atlanta, Georgia
Katie Baucom - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Jefferson Boulware - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Martina Leake - Animal and Veterinary Science
Russell Kyle Barrett - Forestry & Environment Conserv
Bryan Hudson - Forestry & Environment Conserv
24 24 Traceability Analysis for Deanonymization of Obfuscated Ledgers
Sam Smith - Mathematical Sciences
Felice Manganiello - Mathematical Sciences
25 25 Consumer Trends and E-Commerce – COVID’s impact on the launch of Wild Tiger® ice cream, a new super premium brand created and launched by Clemson’s ’55 Exchange.
Lara Burke - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Olivia D'Egidio - Marketing
Dina Graves - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Kylie Ippolito - Chemistry
Reese Kauffman - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Natalie Kirby - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Jennifer Murdoch - Marketing
Natalie Sinclair - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ian Smith - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Drew Willey - Food Science and Human Nutrition
John U. McGregor - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
Peter Weathers - Marketing
26 26 Clemson Paralympic Soccer Creative Inquiry
Kirsten Windbiel - Parks, Rec and Tour Mgt
Molly Oroho - Health Science
Olivia McNelly - Biological Sciences
Skye Arthur-Banning - Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
27 27 Gene Specific Predictability of Protein Levels from mRNA Levels in Humans
Micah Jordan - Bioengineering
Ben Usry - Biological Sciences
Marc Birtwistle - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
36 36 Sustainable Landscape Demonstration Garden: Impact and Future
Carson Colenbaugh - Horticulture
Sarah White - Plant & Environmental Sciences
Ellen Vincent - Plant & Environmental Sciences
37 37 Nutrient Sensing in Protozoan Parasites
Allyson Drawdy - Biochemistry
Sadie English - Biochemistry
Kylee Fulton - Biochemistry
Alex Richardson - Genetics
Jillian Milanes - Clemson Employee
Elijah Harding - Clemson Employee
Erin Jones - Genetics
Laura Dodson - Psychology
James Morris - Genetics and Biochemistry
38 38 Determining the Provenance of Hagood Mill (SC) Millstones using X-Ray Fluorescence and Light-Density Spectroscopy
Annelise Waling - Geology
Scott E Brame - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
39 39 Student Views of Engagement: Class Size and Format
Jennifer Famulary - Psychology
Lauren Gratto - Psychology
Allie Homer - Psychology
Ollie Joye - Psychology
Andrea J. Pressley - Psychology
Emma Williams - Psychology
Benjamin R Stephens - Psychology
40 40 Investigating Nurse Handovers in Healthcare Settings
Colleen McGarvey - Psychology
Sydney Begerowski - Psychology
Annamaria Wolf - Psychology
Marissa Shuffler - Psychology
41 41 Plant-Based Heirloom Vegetable Recipe Development
Saralyn Caldwell - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Tiffanie Finch - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Emily Martin - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ellen Mcalpine - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Alex Mcnair - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Mary Grace Nimmer - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Joel Hamilton - Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences
Margaret Condrasky - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
42 42 Brain Tips
Caroline Michaelson - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Sydney Howell - Psychology
Sam Landwehr - Psychology
Sabina Laurino - Psychology
Blythe Murphy - Psychology
Audrey Varner - Psychology
June Pilcher - Psychology
43 43 Something Very Fishy: Marine Science Outreach in South Carolina Elementary Schools
Cem Geray - Environmental and Natural Resources
Abigail Miller - Psychology
Delaney Shaw - Biological Sciences
Kellie Smith - Animal and Veterinary Science
Amanda Turner - Biological Sciences
Amy Rees - Biological Sciences
Hunter Robertson - Biological Sciences
Michael Childress - Biological Sciences
Randi Sims - Biological Sciences
44 44 COVID-19 Nebulizer Hood Simulation Analysis
Sarah Goncher - Biological Sciences
Ally Smallwood - Bioengineering
Aparna Mahendranath - Bioengineering
Ethan Kung - Mechanical Engineering
45 45 The Effects of Dexamethasone on Aspergillus Infection
Molly Anderson - Biological Sciences
Emily Rosowski - Biological Sciences
46 46 The Effects of Varying Media Conditions on the Growth of Procyclic Trypanosoma brucei
Jerry Enverso - Microbiology
Subash Godar - Physics and Astronomy
Joshua Alper - Physics and Astronomy
47 47 The Effects of Polymers on Blood Health
Savannah Collier - Genetics
Mark Pitman - Chemical Engineering
Jessica Larsen - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
48 48 Exploring Student Perceptions of Courses Related to Academic Stress and Success
Ethan Hammond - Psychology
Shivani Chowdhary - Psychology
McKenzie McNamara - Communications Studies
49 49 Investigation of Glycosomal Proteins in Trypanosoma Brucei
Anne Crosswell - Biochemistry
Meredith Morris - Genetics and Biochemistry
Emily Knight - Genetics and Biochemistry
50 50 Brain Health: Tips and Tools for Cognitive Wellness
Sherry Chen - Biological Sciences
Sami Specht - Nursing
Kate Spence - Biological Sciences
Nicki Zipparro - Biological Sciences
Kathleen Valentine - School of Nursing
Adam McFarlane - School of Nursing
51 51 High-Performance Cluster Computing: Teaching Young Scientists and Engineers Future Computing Methodologies
Aaron Bruner - Computer Engineering
Wade Gossman - Computer Engineering
Cooper Sanders - Computer Engineering
Griffin Dube - Computer Engineering
Cavender Holt - Computer Engineering
Sansriti Ranjan - Computer Engineering
Sarah Placke - Computer Engineering
John Hollowell - Computer Science
Jon Calhoun - Electrical & Computer Engr
52 52 Nitric Oxide (NO) Production from Macrophages Induced by Colon Cancer Cells.
Laura Grace Goldsmith - Genetics
Yanzhang Wei - Biological Sciences
53 53 The General Public's Conceptions on Science and Pseudoscience Seen in Popular Media
Katie Skola - Health Science
Elliot Ennis - Chemistry
54 54 COVID-19 & The Short Term Rental Market
Max Koch - Computer Science
Sean Larkin - Financial Management
Yannan Shen - Finance
55 55 Reimagining Tadao Ando
Jordan Brideau - Architecture
Clarkson Broadwater - Architecture
Shawn Brown - Architecture
Madchen R Bruce - Architecture
Will Cureton - Architecture
Arman Kriner - Architecture
Jack Lodmell - Architecture
Emily Mcdowell - Architecture
Chino Ning - Architecture
Raechel Schroeder - Architecture
Aditya Singh - Architecture
Olivia Wright - Architecture
Carlos Barrios - School of Architecture
Brandon Ross - Civil Engineering
56 56 Morphological analysis and design in modern structures
Sophie Anderson - Architecture
Trevor Gibson - Architecture
Brandon Ross - Civil Engineering
Grace Fulmer - School of Architecture
Carlos Barrios - School of Architecture
57 57 Puzzle structures
Chino Ning - Architecture
Carlos Barrios - School of Architecture
58 58 Enhanced Strenght of Polymeric Nanofibers for Biomedical Applications
Katelyn Franck - Bioengineering
Ellie Hatcher - Bioengineering
Sophia Hennessy - Bioengineering
Brendan Tobin - Bioengineering
Molly Turk - Bioengineering
Abbey Woods - Chemical Engineering
Olivia Wozniak - Bioengineering
Jorge Rodriguez - Bioengineering
67 67 Effects of Low Dose X-Ray Radiation at Varying Doses on Various Cell Types
Natalie Anderson - Biological Sciences
Arianna Csiszer - Bioengineering
Regan Frye - Physics
Andrew Rifkin - Genetics
Allison Seney - Biological Sciences
Ryan Stepp - Bioengineering
Charles Winchester - Bioengineering
Aidan Keup - Bioengineering
Selena Halabi - General Engineering
Jordan Cole - Bioengineering
Jaclyn Davanzo - Physics
Delphine Dean - Bioengineering
Endre Takacs - Physics and Astronomy
71 71 Amphibian Biodiversity in a Pendleton Woodland
Winter Widdifield - Genetics
John R Wagner - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
72 72 Comparison of Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary Sediments from South Carolina and North Dakota
Bobby Boyles - Geology
Scott E Brame - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
73 73 Eruptive History of a Bimodal Volvanic Terrane: New Geologic Mapping and Whole Rock Geochemistry of the Black Hills, South-Central Oregon
Matt Yandle - Geology
Scott E Brame - Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
74 74 Hurricane Relief and Evacuation Timing Decision Analysis for South Carolina
Colin Murphy - Mathematical Sciences
Cameron Martin - Industrial Engineering
Jackson Gray - Industrial Engineering
Daniel Alioto - Industrial Engineering
Yongjia Song - Industrial Engineering
75 75 The Role of Carnitine Acetyltransferases in the Virulence of the Fungus Cryptococcus neoformans
Shaoni Dasgupta - Biological Sciences
Kerry Smith - Genetics and Biochemistry
76 76 Computational Modeling of Optical Tweezer-Based Microrheology Used to Quantify Nonthermal Stress and Emergent Oscillatory Behavior in Axonemal Dynein-Based Active Matter Systems
Maureen Buckley - Bioengineering
Megan Keech - Bioengineering
Joshua Alper - Physics and Astronomy
Ashok Pabbathi - Physics and Astronomy
77 77 Reducing the Anxiety Barrier: How Robotic and AI Technologies can Encourage Preventative Healthcare
Ziyang Zhou - Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Butler - Psychology
Michael Giebelhausen - Marketing
78 78 Do Juvenile Caribbean Spiny Lobsters Possess a Homing Ability?
Coral Holt - Biological Sciences
Michael Childress - Biological Sciences
79 79 Phosphate Acquisition and Growth Related Genes in Viruses in the Environment
Kasey Kiser - Microbiology
Sam Stuckert - Microbiology
Barbara Campbell - Biological Sciences
80 80 Dose Response Experiments on Glioblastoma Cell Lines to Inform a More Effective Cancer Therapy
Zain Kazmi - Biochemistry
Wesley Meredith - Biochemistry
Deepraj Sarmah - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
Marc Birtwistle - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
81 81 Avian Vertebral Fusion Occurs During Post-Hatching Development
Jackson Sanders - Biological Sciences
Tori Huey - Biological Sciences
Susan Chapman - Biological Sciences
82 82 Happy Body, Happy Boss?: Evaluating Mind-Body Interventions on Health Outcomes Among Office-based Workers
Keegan Mazur - Industrial Engineering
Luis Nunez - Industrial Engineering
Jackie Cha - Industrial Engineering
83 83 Impacts of Benthic Debris Retention and Removal in the Florida Keys
Leann Jackson - Animal and Veterinary Science
Maddison Parker - Biological Sciences
Alexis Smith - Biological Sciences
Diana Molnar - Biological Sciences
Lauren Bulik - Environmental and Natural Resources
Madeline Odom - Animal and Veterinary Science
Kea Payton - Biological Sciences
Michael Childress - Biological Sciences
84 84 Pack Expo
Theresa Ciccarelli - Packaging Science
Rupert Hurley - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
85 85 Genetic Interaction Screening using Multiplexing using Spectral Imaging and Combinatorics (MuSIC)
Charlie Haskell - Biochemistry
Nishi Patel - Genetics
Julia Wood - General Engineering
Madeline McCarthy - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
Marc Birtwistle - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
86 86 Effects of Alimend on the digestibility of horses at risk of ulcers
Peyton Svagerko - Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Brittany Perron - Animal & Veterinary Sciences
87 87 Development of Custom Assistive Devices for Increased K12 Participation in Archery.
Sarah Bartro - Bioengineering
Grace Haller - Bioengineering
John D DesJardins - Bioengineering
Meredith Owen - Bioengineering
88 88 The impact of Alu elements on primate genomes
Zari O'Connor - Biochemistry
Caroline Allen - Biological Sciences
Isabella Childers - Genetics
Sreeja Gangineni - Biological Sciences
Ashley Kirby - Genetics
Miriam Konkel - Genetics and Biochemistry
89 89 Humanitarian Aid for Students in Srebrenica
Calvin Dodd - History
Maelee Dudan - Accounting
Vladimir Matic - Political Science
90 90 Geometric morphometrics of climbing kinematics in waterfall climbing goby fishes
Gill Griner - Biological Sciences
Richard Blob - Biological Sciences
Kelly Diamond - Biological Sciences
Amanda Palecek - Biological Sciences
91 91 Building and probing simple neuronal circuits and designing a simulation in NEURON to predict output
Nathan Edwards - Bioengineering
Yugantar Gera - Physics
George Grow - Bioengineering
Alexis Taylor - Biochemistry
Katherine Wentworth - Biological Sciences
Vincent Clanzy - Physics and Astronomy
Joshua Alper - Physics and Astronomy
92 92 Mixed-Reality Simulation in Preservice Teacher Instruction: Supporting Students with Language Impairments
Micaiah Simon - Special Education
Dorsey Winchester - Early Childhood Educ
Lauren Hogg - Special Education
Makayla Williams - Special Education
Omara Daniels - Special Education
Alex Carlson - Education & Human Dev
93 93 Effect of the pandemic on college student eating habits.
Addie Wright - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Britania Mowatt - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Charles Weaver - Packaging Science
Danyelle Harrison - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Diane Scalera - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Joseph Jenrette - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Lindsay Tom - Food Science and Human Nutrition
William Lankford - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Rose Martinez-Dawson - Mathematical Sciences
Paul Dawson - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
94 94 The Impact of COVID-19 on Burnout and Well-Being of Emergency Medicine Clinicians
Taylor Petrucci - Psychology
Grace Falgoust - Psychology
Marissa Shuffler - Psychology
Riley Mccallus - Psychology
Jordan Smith - Psychology
95 95 American Shad Age and Growth in the Santee River Basin, South Carolina
Lauren Hayes - Environmental and Natural Resources
Caitlin Hodge - Environmental Engineering
Brodie Mahaffey - Environmental and Natural Resources
Piper Monk - Environmental and Natural Resources
Kacey Nicosia - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Evan Ronan - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Troy Farmer - Forestry & Environment Conserv
97 97 Deposition of bacteria on inside and outside of face masks being worn during normal activity
Fabiana Barrero - Microbiology
Ashley Brown - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Thomas Edwards - Biological Sciences
Ally Emerson - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Katherine Hannahs - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Bailey Naples - Microbiology
Emma Patterson - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Natalie Sinclair - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Olivia Towey - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Paul Dawson - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
98 98 Construction of a plasmid for endogenous gene tagging in Toxoplasma gondii
Claire Fortman - Microbiology
Chiara Micchelli - Microbiology
Zhicheng Dou - Biological Sciences
100 100 Seed Source: Is Local Best?
Corrina Mcleod - Forest Resource Management
Adam Smallridge - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Jackson Smith - Forest Resource Management
Elizabeth Johnson - Forest Resources
Althea Hagan - Forestry & Environment Conserv
101 101 Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Shakespeare’s Drama
Dillon Ranwala - Computer Science
Aarin Henning - Chemical Engineering
Dane Smith - Watt Family Innovation Center
Carl Ehrett - Watt Family Innovation Center
Lucian Ghita - English
102 102 Clemson University Orthopaedic Implant Retrieval Program
Emily Bartlett - Bioengineering
Ben Black - Bioengineering
Lauren Davis - Bioengineering
Jenna Hines - Bioengineering
Nicklaus Ipock - Bioengineering
Alexander Kullman - Bioengineering
Sarah Minich - Bioengineering
Mary Beth Reno - Bioengineering
Zachary Worley - Bioengineering
John Sykes - Biomedical Engineering
Melinda Harman - Bioengineering
103 103 Design Justice
Nancy Gonzalez - Architecture
Rachel Seto - Architecture
Harrison Wile - Architecture
Paige Ashworth - Architecture
Angie Mendoza Fernandez - Honors Programs
Thomas Murray - Architecture
Nehemiah Ashford-Carroll - Architecture
Taylor Crafton - Architecture
Stacy Scott - Planning, Design and the Built Environment
Kimani Grayson - Architecture
Hannah Slyce - Landscape Architecture
Yuchen Zhao - Architecture
David Franco Santa Cruz - School of Architecture
Ufuk Ersoy - School of Architecture
Peter Laurence - School of Architecture
Clarissa Mendez - School of Architecture
105 105 Produce Rx Cookbook
Julianna Alibozek - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Emma Black - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Angie Castillo - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Alexander Martin - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Meghan McClanahan - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Anthony Norcia - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Aaron Price - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Joel Hamilton - Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences
Margaret Condrasky - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
106 106 Religious Openness to Secularism (ROSE): Effect of Cognitive Style on Defensiveness and Religiosity
Victoria Cline - Psychology
Alana Revels - Psychology
Sarah Roberts - Psychology
Jonathan Lancaster - Psychology
Ollie Joye - Psychology
Zain Surka - Architecture
Randle Aaron Villanueva - Psychology
Zhuo Job Chen - Psychology
107 107 Moral Disengagement and Its Impact on Prosocial Behaviors
Megan Limehouse - Psychology
Kelly Berk - Health Science
Sofia Hassan - Psychology
Alyssa Lynch - Psychology
Chetna Patel - Genetics
Katelyn Silva - Psychology
Zhuo Job Chen - Psychology
Randle Aaron Villanueva - Psychology
108 108 Construction of a Macro Scale Educational Model of a Patch Clamp for the Enrichment of Researchers
Rachael Christensen - Bioengineering
Tyler Harvey - Bioengineering
Delphine Dean - Bioengineering
109 109 Designing With Docs
Marah Aulabaugh - Bioengineering
Jimmy Fillmore - Bioengineering
Grace Haller - Bioengineering
Zachary Harms - Bioengineering
Brooklyn Hollon - Bioengineering
Abby Miller - Bioengineering
Kayla Rossow - Bioengineering
Katie Wright - Bioengineering
John D DesJardins - Bioengineering
Jordon Gilmore - Bioengineering
110 110 Conspicuity of Skylight Hazards: Priming and Alerts
Michel Mcclure - Biological Sciences
Jackson Davis - Psychology
Sydney Davis - Psychology
Owen Minello - Psychology
Mary Shaffer - Psychology
Benjamin R Stephens - Psychology
111 111 Biological and Environmental Factors Influence on White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Vigilance in the Piedmont of South Carolina
Lucas Ball - Biological Sciences
Maria Blanco - Environmental and Natural Resources
Preston Finley - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Amber Gielarowski - Biological Sciences
Michael Muthersbaugh - Forestry & Environment Conserv
David Jachowski - Forestry & Environment Conserv
112 112 Relationship Between Campus Involvement and Students' Psychological Wellbeing and Ability to Flourish.
Olivia Scott - Language and International Health
McKenzie McNamara - Communications Studies
113 113 Studying Behavioral Effects of Fluoxetine on Three Species of Native South Carolina Fish: Bluehead Chubs (Nocomis leptocephalus), Yellowfin Shiners (Notropis lutipinnis), and Striped Jump Rock (Moxostoma rupiscartes) by Analysis of Exploratory Behaviors Through Fish Mazes
Allison DeLoache - Biological Sciences
Rachel Robles - Biological Sciences
Morgan Steiner - Biological Sciences
Madeline Tolerico - Biochemistry
Peter Van den Hurk - Biological Sciences
Lauren Stoczynski - Biological Sciences
114 114 K-12 Sports Science: An Outreach Program to Increase Youth Interest in STEM
Cassidy Bouknight - Bioengineering
Sydney Brown - Bioengineering
Sarah Hill - Bioengineering
Katie Konieczny - Bioengineering
Ashton Ledbetter - Bioengineering
Jordan Martin - Bioengineering
James Munford - Bioengineering
Cassidy Shea - Bioengineering
Adam Smith - Bioengineering
Sarah Wilde - Bioengineering
Kendall Winston - Bioengineering
Meredith Owen - Bioengineering
Jordon Gilmore - Bioengineering
Tyler Harvey - Bioengineering
115 115 Hide or seek? The potential relationship between activity of prey and predators
Andrew Harrison - Agribusiness
Tangie Mcfee - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Robert Mueller - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Evelyn Stephens - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Jessica Trayhan - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Michael Muthersbaugh - Forestry & Environment Conserv
Elizabeth Reghi Saldo - Forestry & Environment Conserv
Alex Jensen - Forestry & Environment Conserv
David Jachowski - Forestry & Environment Conserv
116 116 Unexpected Mechanical and Electrical Behaviour of Water
Zoe Dinkel - General Engineering
Mary Ruediger - General Engineering
Katerina Bogdan - Chemical Engineering
George Tian - Computer Science
Morgan Dill - Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Kung - Mechanical Engineering
117 117 Storytelling as an Effective Means to Share Clemson's Black History in a Campus Tour, Mobile App, and a Play
Malaysia Barr - Communication
Sarah Ann Kenneson - Health Science
Julia Lagnese - Economics
Alara Nahar - Economics
Michaella Orr - English
Nolly Swan - History
Rhondda Thomas - English
118 118 Physiological characterization of cotton leaf shape isolines
Victoria Burgess - Biochemistry
Quinn LaFave - Genetics
Erin Rosebrock - Plant and Environmental Sciences
Taylor Sherer - Biological Sciences
Walker Spivey - Plant and Environmental Sciences
Paul Zimmerman - Biochemistry
Sruthi Kutty - Plant & Environmental Sciences
119 119 Disposable Point-of-Care Home Testing Platform for Metabolic Disease
Pauline Bisaccio - Biochemistry
Allen Khodab - Genetics
Erin O'Neill - Bioengineering
Tarah OSullivan - Biochemistry
Keeghan Alexandria Shropshire - Biochemistry
Renee Cottle - Bioengineering
120 120 US Parasite Mapping Project
Gracie Dellinger - Genetics
Bailey Holder - Microbiology
Solangie Pulido Gomez - Genetics
Joshua Saliutama - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Kimberly Paul - Genetics and Biochemistry
121 121 Are quantitative radiographic measures of keel bone damage in poultry generalizable?
Emma Mckenney - Animal and Veterinary Science
Cerano Harrison - Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Jeryl Jones - Animal & Veterinary Sciences
122 122 3D Printing Tungsten Carbide for Energy Applications
Bentley Bevis - Mechanical Engineering
Shane Dunlavey - Mechanical Engineering
Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte - Mechanical Engineering
123 123 Electrical Properties of Candida Strains
Michelle Propp - Mechanical Engineering
Cora Bisbee - Biochemistry
Alexandra Smith - Bioengineering
Aaron Toler - Chemistry
Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte - Mechanical Engineering
124 124 Incentivizing Litter Collection in Developing Areas
Ashlyn Spake - General Engineering
Meaghan Cahill - Civil Engineering
Todd Schweisinger - Mechanical Engineering
Cecil Huey - Mechanical Engineering
125 125 Unraveling the Mystery of the Rare Rocky Shoals Spider Lily
Katie Baucom - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Jacob Fitts - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Corrina Mcleod - Forest Resource Management
Logan Miller - Environmental and Natural Resources
Christopher Reigle - Environmental and Natural Resources
Andrew Grunwald - Forestry & Environment Conserv
Althea Hagan - Forestry & Environment Conserv
126 126 Evaluation of Breast Tumor Morphology in Different Racial Groups
Marena Fleming - Animal and Veterinary Science
Savannah Finley - Animal and Veterinary Science
Alyssa Davenport - Chemical Engineering
Mia Damiano - Animal and Veterinary Science
Emma Banks - Biochemistry
Megan Johnson - Animal and Veterinary Science
Soline Mcgee - Animal and Veterinary Science
Jayla Nelson - Biological Sciences
Amber Stone - Animal and Veterinary Science
Heather Dunn - Animal & Veterinary Sciences
127 127 The Evolution of Defensive Morphology and Venom in Catfishes
Marco Guareschi - Biological Sciences
Grace Holliday - Biological Sciences
Hayley Schopfer - Biological Sciences
Justin Thomas - Biological Sciences
Katerina Zapfe - Biological Sciences
Samantha Price - Biological Sciences
Laura Rodrigues Vieira De Alencar - Biological Sciences
128 128 Metabolism and encystation in the human parasite Entamoeba histolytica
Catherine Manke - Genetics
Louise Franke - Biochemistry
Adira Nair - Biochemistry
Megan Noonan - Biochemistry
Cheryl Ingram-Smith - Genetics and Biochemistry
129 129 Discovering Characteristics of Courageous Actions
Rylee Bryant - Psychology
Averey Degennaro - Psychology
Skylar Hayes - Psychology
Grayson Reimer - Psychology
Abigail Rowell - Psychology
CJ Swartzwelter - Psychology
Sarah Swoap - Psychology
Mary Thompson - Psychology
Cynthia Pury - Psychology
130 130 Jump Starting a K-12 MakerSpace: Exploring Pathways to Succes
Tate Haraway - Secondary Education
Skylar Hawkesworth - Special Education
Yan-Jing Ni - Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Visser - Education & Human Dev
Nate Newsome - Sonoco Inst Pkg Design & Graph
131 131 Development of an Educational Program and Intervention for Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes
Jordyn Anderson - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Chapman Bresette - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ellie Campbell - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Madison Childress - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Cole Epting - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Danyelle Harrison - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Brittany Magana - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Claudia Meza - Food Science and Human Nutrition
James Rowe - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Natalie Williford - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Vivian J Haley-Zitlin - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
132 132 Analyzing Deformations and Motion in Synthetic Motile Cells
Sahil Masih - Materials Science and Engineering
John Nickles - Materials Science and Engineering
Alyssa Lindsey - Bioengineering
Kimberly Weirich - Materials Science&Engineering
133 133 An Overweight and Obesity Study for College-Aged Students
Zoe Abrusia - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Trace Biershenk - Food Science and Human Nutrition
McKinley Blair Cain - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Diamond Crawford - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ellie DeGroote - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Kaitlynn Genovese - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Marquisha Jackson - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Caroline Lampright - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Anna Marchek - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Hailey Rodgers - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Vivian J Haley-Zitlin - Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
134 134 Living Alongside Alligators: Investigating Human-Alligator Relationships In South Carolina Coastal Communities
Savannah Dopkins - Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
Stevie League - Environmental and Natural Resources
Sara Jayne Wint - Animal and Veterinary Science
Zoe Wills - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Anje Kidd-Weaver - Forestry & Environment Conserv
Cathy Jachowski - Forestry & Environment Conserv
1 1 Human Factors Engineering in Medical Device Reprocessing
Mark Livingstone - Bioengineering
Mya Missouri - General Engineering
Jacob Jordan - Industrial Engineering
Corbin Goodwin - Bioengineering
Stephen Gerrits - Industrial Engineering
Kennedy Kashmiry - Industrial Engineering
Jenna Hines - Bioengineering
Manny Chen - Industrial Engineering
Savannah Witt - Industrial Engineering
Mary Beth Reno - Bioengineering
Bevin Kumar - Biomedical Engineering
Manuel Gutierrez - Bioengineering
Zachary Hargett - Bioengineering
Samantha Kodikara - Bioengineering
Simeon Mckelvey - Bioengineering
28 28 The effects of light physical activity on daily mood
Emily Walker - Psychology
Ben Ginsberg - Psychology
29 29 Rising to the COVID-19 Challenge with Buoyant and Magnetic (BAM) Bead 2-Factor Assay
Chuanlei Wang - Chemistry
Kiersten Barnett - Chemistry
Hanna Campbell - Biochemistry
William Pons - Chemistry
Meenakshi Ranasinghe - Chemistry
30 30 Student-Generated Video Projects: Experiences and Perceptions Among Students Enrolled in Classroom and Online Introduction to Public Health Courses (2016-2021)
Veronica Fraley - Health Science
Marianna Johnson - Health Science
Elizabeth Parker - Health Science
Everett Bryan - Health Science
Emily Goude - Health Science
Cassi Worsham - Health Science
59 59 Benefit Finding in the COVID-19 Crisis
Hailey Carroll - Psychology
Jordan Britt - Psychology
60 60 “There is no such thing as bad publicity” Or is There? Analyzing Elections in the Social Media Age
Noah Britt - Computer Science
61 61 How COVID-19 Affected Varying Types of Events
Ellie M Pierce - Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
Caroline Yates - Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
Emma Mcqueen - Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
Kendall Fleming - Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
Logan Mclaughlin - Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
62 62 Virtual recruitment during COVID-19.
Tanner Huyck - Health Science
Nick Deas - Computer Science
Bella Parise - Philosophy
Emily Richardson - Psychology
Andrew Cook - Psychology
Kelly Evans - Psychology
Hannah Chitty - Psychology
Hailey Carroll - Psychology
Emily Radovic - Psychology
Sophie Elizabeth Finnell - Psychology
Sophie Catanzaro - Psychology
Chelsea Robbins - Industrial and Organizational Psychology
63 63 Physical Activity in Rural Counties in South Carolina
Claudia Li - Health Science
64 64 Characterization of two genes required for acetate metabolism in the pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformans
Cassie Conlan - Biochemistry
Hanan Almousa - Healthcare Genetics
65 65 Experimental Cardiovascular System Project
Justin Mcateer - Bioengineering
Ray Kean - Mechanical Engineering
David Mcdonough - Biological Sciences
Colin Pender - Mechanical Engineering
68 68 Human Cancer Cells Induce More Pronounced Nitric Oxide (NO) in Macrophages Than Non-Cancerous Cells
Jennifer Rumsey - Microbiology
70 70 Increasing Genomic Stability and Antibody Titer Using Mammalian Artificial Chromosomes
Xiaoming Lu - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Katia Ashy - Biochemistry
Riley Bryars - Bioengineering
96 96 Human Factors for N95 Mask Reuse: Designing a Reprocessing System for the COVID-19 Pandemic
Samantha Kodikara - Bioengineering
Jenna Hines - Bioengineering
Marketa Marcanikova - Bioengineering
Erin Rosebrock - Plant and Env Sciences
Amanda Lematty - Bioengineering
Jerry Enverso - Microbiology
Manuel Gutierrez - Bioengineering
Mary Beth Reno - Bioengineering
99 99 Antifungal drug efficacy against Aspergillus fumigatus in zebrafish larval hosts
Kevin Ayala - Biological Sciences
Emily Rosowski - Biological Sciences
104 104 Exploring the Impact of A.I. Embodiment on Recommendation Acceptance With Respect to Environment and Avatar Appearance
Michael Giebelhausen - Marketing
135 135 Veterinary Pseudoscience and Common Pet Care Misconceptions
Elliot Ennis - Chemistry
Avery Millo - Animal and Veterinary Sc
137 137 Knockout and Characterization of LC2 in Axonemal Dynein of Trypanosoma brucei Using CRISPR-Cas9 and RT-qPCR
Madison Ragland - Biological Sciences
Joshua Alper - Physics and Astronomy
Subash Godar - Physics and Astronomy
Lucy Fischer - Biochemistry
Katherine Wentworth - Biological Sciences
Ethan Lopez - Genetics