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Decipher is produced by Clemson’s undergraduate students to describe the accomplishments of their peers in Creative Inquiry – Clemson’s unique brand of undergraduate research. Each year, more than 3,500 Creative Inquiry students investigate topics ranging from children’s literacy to medical microbiology to developing the next generation of solar cells. Creative Inquiry provides students with an outlet for their curiosity and allows them to take a closer look at the problems facing our University, our community and beyond.

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We need a student Chief Graphic Designer! Click to find out more.

Our Chief Graphic Designer will take responsibility for developing a theme and designing the cover and layout of the magazine, arranging articles written by the a team of students, embedding photos, checking proofs, and communicating with a printer to publish the magazine. The chief Graphic Designer will also supervise the work of a student Photographer/Videographer for Decipher and other students that contribute to design elements. The chief Graphic Designer will supervise work of the assistant graphics designer, and the active content artist so as to prepare him/her to take on the role of chief Graphic Designer in the following year. The chief Graphic Designer will work closely with the student intern hired as the Editor for Decipher and the rest of the students on the Decipher team. The chief Graphic Designer will work closely with the Decipher Editor to determine the number and placement of articles and photos in the Decipher magazine. The chief Graphic Designer must have an excellent ability to produce print materials using InDesign and to take the Decipher publication from conception through printing and digital rollout. The intern must also be skilled in using common word processing programs such as MS Word, and spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel.

The successful applicant will demonstrate the ability to design an attractive, professional-caliber 64-page full-color magazine-style print document and other CI print materials. The chief Graphic Designer must be able to respond to CI needs for graphics quickly and professionally, and must have the ability and desire to work effectively in a team of students from diverse majors and backgrounds. Dr. Barbara Speziale, director of the Creative Inquiry program, will supervise all interns on this project. The Editor, chief Graphic Designer, Dr. Speziale, and the CI office staff will develop the production schedule for Decipher. Contact the CI Office for more info or to apply.