Work Hard, Play Hard

Written by QCR

The beauty of this creative inquiry is that it is perfectly balanced. It has a rigorous academic approach in the fun field of music. The focus is to understand experiences and why those components work well in the context.

At our first meeting, we dove right into Qualitative Research focusing on the history, current progress, it’s significance, and most importantly, we started to understand how to do it. We practiced developing research questions that are formed to provoke conversation and aimed at understanding a main research theme. Our first assignment, was to pair up with someone else in the group and practice interviewing them to develop a familiarity with the process. This allowed us not only to start getting our feet wet but also getting to know our awesome Lolla Crew!

The most critical part of any research are the people that make it up and our mix of personalities, minds, music tastes, and strong interest in the field makes us a perfect fit for each other and our research in understanding why experiences work. In addition, to our core crew of six and our fearless leader, Dr. Thyroff, we have the opportunity to work alongside another creative inquiry also studying qualitative research for the industry field. This cross-collaboration in the learning process helps both groups understand different perspectives and have a stronger pool to practice our skills with. Between both groups, it is an amazing experience to share in developing ourselves as qualitative researchers and you know, and you know, we are on each other’s team.

Melissa, January 2017

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