Listen with your Heart: Lolla Style

Written by QCR

Lollapalooza was an overload to the senses. From the massive crowds to noise coming from every direction, it was a lot to take in. For us as researchers, it was information overload. There was so much for us to absorb, that it seemed impossible to fully communicate it. More than half of the time, I was worried about my recorder even being able to pick up anything. Thankfully, once I listened back, I found that it caught more than I even meant for it to (since I accidentally left it on some of the time). While we were in such a crazy place, it was important for us to utilize our active listening skills. During our time in class, we learned that faking ignorance was a great tactic to use. However, once we were there, it was hard to take ourselves out of the moment. Often, I found that there was so much that I could relate to. It was difficult not to chime in with a “I totally know what you mean!” or “Oh, I thought that too!” And I wasn’t always successful in restraining my enthusiasm, but I found that with each interview, I got better and better at faking ignorance. This tactic truly led to higher quality interviews. It was awesome to see participants getting so excited about exposing us to this whole new world of music festivals. It was like telling a child about Santa Claus. The atmosphere of Lollapalooza was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The attitude of acceptance and sense of community are certainly qualities that will keep participants coming back again and again!

Rachael, September 2015