The Clemson Family In Chicago

Written by QCR

As you walk into a sea of people and start the journey of a lifetime, the Chicago heat, unnerving smells, and loud music of Lollapalooza wash over you leaving you feeling ready to take on the whirlwind of a weekend. Our Creative Inquiry team quickly realized that the only way to do research at Lollapalooza is with a great team by your side. They say teamwork makes the dream work, and our Clemson crew was able to gather enough data over the weekend to leave us with piles of notes and interviews to analyze this fall.

We often brag to others about our “Clemson family,” but you were able to see how much we truly cared for one another that weekend. Whether it was taking turns watching bands, or asking interview questions, our team found a way to support each other in every aspect. Before Lollapalooza, we only had the opportunity to get to know one another inside the classroom while preparing for our trip. After Lollapalooza, we now have a bond through music and interviews. What an amazing combination! From pushing our way to the front stage, to dancing our hearts out and making it on the “Big Screen”, to hunting down potential interviewees, to battling the water-fill stations, to evacuating due to severe weather, we have grown together not only as a team, but as a family. This weekend has taught us so much about ourselves and qualitative research, and it will forever go down in the books as one of the best classes we have ever taken.

Greyson & Billie,  August 2015