When Lollapalooza Eats Your Phone: A Guidebook

Written by QCR

Don’t worry, this won’t really be an entire guidebook, and I won’t dwell over my lost phone (which really did happen), but I thought it was a catchy title. One huge thing I got out of our trip to Lollapalooza was smart traveling. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot in my life, and have even studied abroad in Europe, however I have never had any huge travel issues. Well, all luck streaks end I guess, and my phone went missing from my handbag Saturday evening. Luckily, I did not lose my recorder- is it sad that I would have been more sad about losing that at that point in the weekend? I guess the point of this story is how funny it is how important my interviewing had become for me. While I would get caught up in the shows at times and loved every performance that I saw, I took on the full role of being a researcher and my recorder and notebook became my favorite accessories of the weekend. I find this especially funny when so many people put on “roles” or different personas for music festivals- one of the questions that we hope to explore more when analyzing our research. I guess I got caught up in my own role as well, just not the typical festival-goer at Lollapalooza! Note: the post’s picture was taken with my phone BEFORE it went missing, luckily I had emailed it to my mom before the tragic incident.

Kristy,  August 2015

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