Promoting Public Health Science Education & Community Outreach Through Video-Based Service Learning Projects

Subgroup Goals

Student Learning  & Video Production

Conduct background research on the role of video production and student learning

Assess attitudes, barriers, skills and needs of students assigned an “Introduction to Public Health” video project vs term paper

Mentor current students to promote efficient student video production

Community Outreach & Research

Conduct background research on effective video based community outreach strategies

Design a research study that compares video vs traditional print based health promotion messages

Quality Video Production & YouTube Development 

Conduct background research on elements of quality health promotion videos & YouTube based community outreach

Design and create a Whitepaper Student Resource Manual to promote the efficiency of the video production process

Develop a quality video standards rubric for evaluating current and future videos on the YouTube page

Redesign and present an updated “What is Public Health? Clemson” YouTube channel to the community

Develop Adobe Premier Pro video production skills needed for Adobe certification and resume material

Overall Group Goals

As technological innovations have grown in popularity, they have spread throughout multiple facets of our society. Video production has immersed itself into the modern classroom to help enhance students’ learning and critical thinking skills while video-based community education has also grown in popularity with the growth of social media sites like YouTube.

The purpose of this Creative Inquiry project has been to work collaboratively to evaluate, research and enhance undergraduate students’ experiences in an Introduction to Public Health course that has replaced term papers with community outreach student video projects.

What is Pubic Health?

Student YouTube Page

Semester Products

Overall Creative Inquiry 

– Development of Skills for Working Collaboratively on Complex Challenges

– Development of Integrated Applied Science, Technology and Communication Skills

– Development of Mentoring Plan for Current Students Working on Video Projects

– Assessment of Students’ Attitudes Towards Course Video Learning Projects & Common Barriers to the Video Production Process

– Development of a White Paper for Promoting Student Learning & Efficiency During Video Production

– Development of a Process & Impact Assessment Plan for Current HLTH 2020 Student YouTube Outreach Site

– Development of Video Standards Rubric & Update Current HLTH 2020 YouTube Videos

– Development of Recommendations for Promoting and Operating YouTube Outreach Site

– Development of Audiovisual Messages that Communicate the Purpose of our CI & the HLTH 2020 YouTube Page

– Development of a Literature and Theory Based Research Model to Evaluate Audiovisual vs Traditional Health Related Physical Activity Promotion Messages