Direct Digital Manufacturing – 3D Printing Architecture

Faculty Advisor: Dave Lee, School of Architecture
Students: Alvaro Almeda, Evan Arriaza, Diego Bazzani, Eric Bell, Patrick Danahy, Andrew Ramsay, Caleb Roberts, Alex Sanchez, RJ Wilson

What is Direct Digital Manufacturing?

Direct Digital Manufacturing refers to the ability to move from digital design to ‘part-in-hand’ in a single step, by simply sending a file to a 3D printing machine It has many advantages over traditional construction including the elimination of tooling cost, material waste, and a reduction in time between design and manufacturing.

What is the Computational Design Group Creative Inquiry team doing?

Direct Digital Manufacturing has become commonplace in industry applications where small parts and fine tolerances are necessary. Our interest is in exploring the potential for 3D printing at the scale and function of the built environment. This semester the Computational Design Group is utilizing 3D printing technologies to develop tileable pieces suitable for assembly in a larger structure. The final product will be an educational exhibition displayed in Lee Hall.