flexographic printing diagram

Cutting Edge

In March 2016, schools from across the United States traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to attend the annual Technical Association for the Graphic Arts (TAGA) conference and to compete in the student journal competition. The conference brings leading researchers in the global print industry together to present their work. In addition, the student chapters have the opportunity to produce a technical journal designed to show off cutting-edge technology that students across the nation are learning in their graphic communication programs.

Plethodon salamander

Stress After Dark

There is a greater abundance of lungless salamanders, also known as Plethodon, than any other vertebrate group in the southeastern United States. Thus this group has a major impact on the ecosystem. Because salamanders are nocturnal, they are seldom seen, but these ecologically important creatures are being threatened due to stressors in their environments.

Carolina Gold rice

Sustainable Farming: From Garden to Table

Nestled beside the Bart Garrison Agricultural Museum of South Carolina, located in
Pendleton and amongst clucking chickens, is a garden containing crops native to South Carolina. It is here that students from the Designing a Kitchen Garden of the Future Based on the Past Creative Inquiry team meet on a weekly basis to maintain and develop the garden.