Apply for CI Decipher internships

Apply now to help create the next issue of Decipher – The Creative Inquiry magazine.

How to apply:

Go to and click “UPIC Internships in ClemsonJobLink”. Search for the term “Decipher” and you will see the following list of internships and descriptions:

  • Decipher magazine student editor
  • Decipher magazine student editor
  • Decipher magazine assistant graphic designer
  • Decipher magazine assistant graphic designer
  • Two Writers: one for STEM articles; one for non-STEM articles
  • Photographer

Students apply through the UPIC site. If you have any questions about Decipher jobs you may contact Tullen Burns ( or Dr. Barbara Speziale ( – but you must submit official applications through UPIC.

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9th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum Winners

The 9th annual Focus on Creative Inquiry (FoCI) Poster Forum featured over 140 posters from various Creative Inquiry groups. Beyond the poster presentations this year’s activities included cooking, robotics, and technology demonstrations, food, prizes, and an engaging presentation from Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Dr. Molly Kennedy.

Prizes were awarded to the top teams of students for both the popular and juried poster categories. The popular winners were chosen by attendees voting for their favorites using their smart phones or mobile devices. The juried winners were chosen by a group of over 80 volunteers made up of faculty, staff, and graduate students representing various academic areas.

Juried Winners:

  1. Just keep grazing: Parrotfish grazing and dietary selectivity in the Florida Keys
  2. The influence of rearing environment on life history and morphological traits of sailfin molly fish (P. latipinna)
  3. Determination of chemical weathering rates using mass balance equations and determination of weathering products using X-ray diffraction

Popular Winners:

  1. Brake assembly bench part set up and part presentation
  2. Freshmen/senior design and mentoring experiences in bioengineering
  3. Designing medical technology for developing countries

Tyler Ovington Wins Lemelson-MIT National Collegiate Student Prize

The Lemelson-MIT National Collegiate Student Prize Competition is a nationwide search for the most inventive undergraduate and graduate students, with winning undergraduate teams receiving $10,000 in two categories and graduate student winners receiving $15,000 in two categories:

  • “Cure it!” for students with inventions that can improve healthcare
  • “Use it!” for students with inventions that can improve consumer devices and tools

Tyler won in the “Cure it!” undergraduate team category for his work in the Designing Medical Technology for the Developing World Creative Inquiry project. The other students associated with this team are Alex Devon, and Kayla Gainey. Kayla is now a Graduate student mentor to the team she joined as an undergraduate student.

The Lemelson-MIT Program celebrates outstanding inventors and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention.

Students interesting in applying for this competition in 2015 can contact the Lemelson-MIT program directly at to find out further details on the application process.

Please join us in congratulating Tyler Ovington!

See the announcement or read about it in MIT News.