Meet the Team Leaders



C. David Thornton

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Thornton is the Sustainable Biofuels Program Coordinator and a Biosystems Engineering graduate student. He has been designing and building integrated bio-refineries for commercial biodiesel and ethanol production since August 2005. He has overseen design and construction of 24 research and commercial facilities. He has consulted on more than 100 commercial ventures worldwide while serving as the Design-Build Department Manager for North Carolina-based Piedmont Biofuels Industrial, LLC. Thornton’s daily job functions involve the  processing of campus waste oils, food waste, and municipal biosolids to help bring Clemson University to carbon neutrality.

Shawn Jadrnicek 

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Jadrnicek manages the Student Organic Farm at Clemson University and specializes in bio-integrated farming systems.  His work includes combining greenhouses with soldier fly digesters and compost heating systems to extend the bioconversion season. Shawn is a certified permaculture instructor, worked several years in the agricultural extension office for Clemson University, and has designed and consulted on dozens of organic farming systems. Jadrnicek is also completing his Masters in Plant and Environmental Science.