Methods: CDC CHANGE Guide Action Steps

The CDC CHANGE Guide’s approach to building a healthy community: 8 Action Stepsmethods


We conducted evidence based research based on the Center of Disease Control CHANGE guide methods that have been used by individuals in other communities to improve and create a healthier community.

The change guide consists of 8 actions steps in which we had to culturally and linguistically adapt to our specific research in the Dominican Republic.

  • Assemble a community team:
    • Our team consists of neighborhood associations in Las Malvinas II
    • Elementary schools in Las Malvinas II
    • University representatives from Clemson and UNIBE students
    • Clemson Creative Inquiry Team
  • Develop a team strategy:
    • Conduct evidence based research to build a healthier community in Las Malvinas II
    • Conduct a plan to improve the community health situation based on the community assets
    • Translate our knowledge of US public health policies and adapted it to the problems specific to Las Malvinas
  • Review of 5 Change Sectors
    • Within each sector we came up with 5 priorities in which we thought needed improvement in Las Malvinas. Based on the priorities that we chose, we came up with questions for individuals in each sector
    • Adaption of CDC Priorities to Las Malvinas II Priorities: priorities

Still to come:

  • Gather Data: 
    • We  are going to gather data using qualitative and quantitative techniques when studying abroad in the Dominican Republic
    • Closed ended questions through GIS survey app on our iphones where we will go from door to door in the community
    • Open ended questions in our focus groups and interviews
  • Review Gathered Data
  • Enter Data
  • Review Consolidated Data
  • Build Community Action Plan 
    • When we are entering and reviewing our consolidated data, we will see which areas need improvement and which areas are the community strengths based on what we collected
    • Community Health Assessment
    • Community Health Improvement Plan