Decipher Magazine is produced by a team of Clemson undergraduate students to highlight the accomplishments of their peers in Creative Inquiry – Clemson’s unique brand of Undergraduate Research. Creative Inquiry is Clemson’s unique way of engaging students in research topics they find interesting, in their own or other cross-disciplinary fields of study.

Each year, more than 4,000 Creative Inquiry students investigate topics ranging from medical technology for developing countries to the motile structure of eukaryotic pathogens. Their Creative Inquiry projects provide them with the tools they need to explore diverse problems and issues in our community and beyond and to come up with possible solutions. Students value these opportunities to exercise the skills they learned in the classroom and apply them to the real world.

From the more than 400 current Creative Inquiry projects, we selected 26 projects to feature in this magazine. Our Decipher team interviewed the faculty mentors and students in each of these projects in order to write these articles and produce graphics. Decipher is printed and distributed to students, faculty, alumni and friends of Clemson so they are aware of the many accomplishments of mentors and students in the Creative Inquiry program. For example, Creative Inquiry students and faculty have given more than 1,800 presentations at major conferences, produced 450 professional publications and won more than 478 awards.