Welcome to the new Creative Inquiry project management site! The following instructions will guide you through proposing and managing a Creative Inquiry project.

  1. After logging in with your CU username and password you will see your project management homepage. If you have existing Creative Inquiry projects they will be located in a table under the appropriate tab.

  2. To propose a new Creative Inquiry project click on the [New Project] button at the top right of the page.

  3. In the Overview tab you will fill in the appropriate boxes. Many of the boxes in the Creative Inquiry project manager have a typeahead feature that will suggest appropriate choices.

  4. To add other Team Leaders to the project just enter their first, last, or username in the Add Team Leaders box. Adding a Team Leader will allow them to edit this project in the future. Remember to then select a Primary Team Leader from the list on the right.

  5. You will see blue info boxes at various places throughout the project manager. Info boxes provide explanations on that section of the form with helpful links to more information.

  6. Under the [Courses] tab you will add courses associated with your Creative Inquiry project. Add by selecting the Course Abbreviation, the Course Number, the section, the term, then click the [Add Course] button.

    After you click the button your course will be added to a list below. You can add more courses or remove them by clicking the [x] in the appropriate row.

  7. The [Budget] tab is next. Here you fill in the budget information for a full year of the project. Further information and instructions can be found by clicking the info box by the Annual Budget heading.

  8. If you would like to advertise your Creative Inquiry project on the CI homepage and elsewhere, fill in the information under the [Recruiting] tab.

  9. You can *Save or Submit any time during the proposal process by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom, left of any page.

    * Remember that your proposal will be saved for you, but NOT submitted until you click the Submit button. Only proposals that are complete and submitted are reviewed for approval.

  1. From the CI project management homepage, choose one of your projects to edit.

  2. You can edit any information that was previously saved in your project or add new as your project continues.

  3. In the [Accomplishments] tab you can add various media and reports to your project. This is a repository for images, files, and information about your project. Begin by clicking the [Add] button at the top right of the page.

  4. In the pop-up window you will then choose the type of accomplishment and then fill in the appropriate information. Click [Save] when you have finished.

  5. Your accomplishment will then be listed under the appropriate tab.

  1. From the CI project management homepage, click the [Profile] tab.

  2. It is important to keep this information up to date so that you can be contacted with any pertinent information about Creative Inquiry and your projects.

  3. You can save your profile any time by clicking [Save] at the bottom of the page.

It is now much easier to add courses to your CI project! Start by clicking the Courses tab on your project management page.

  1. Courses for team leaders on the project are populated in this dropdown automatically. Click the dropdown to find the correct course.

  2. When you have selected the appropriate course click the [Add Course] button.

  3. The course will now appear in the Project Courses table. You can remove courses at any time by clicking the X in the far right of the row.

  4. If you need to add a course that is not associated with one of the current team leaders either add them as a team leader and follow steps 1-3, or click the 'Course not listed?' link to bring up the course not listed modal window.

  5. Select the appropriate course information from the four dropdowns.

  6. Click the [Add Course] button.

  7. The course will now be listed in the Project Courses table.